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I'm an avid reader and I like to share my impression of the books I read. Nothing fancy, just my very own opinion.

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The Reluctant Amazon
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Nicely surprised by this short story!

From Don to Dom - Naaju  Rorrete

This is a short story, like I already knew for the description, but I thought it was simply a few sex scenes involving a threesome. But no, it's a well written novelette with developed characters and a good plot. Too bad is so short. I read it in one sitting and I enjoy the details of these characters' lives. I care for them while reading their ordeal and the love scenes are hot and explicit, but there are a couple of tender moments that I found touching. Another new author for my favorite list.

Great storytelling!!!

The Reluctant Amazon  - Sandy James

Wow! This was good, I stayed up reading this and I hope there are more books in this series (I'm going to look it up). One of the scenes I found most awesome was the first one, it grabbed my attention from that very moment. I said, this girl deserves something great after this, well, she has to earn it. But I'm not writing spoilers. The author really know how to tell a good story and how to keep the reader's interest in every turn of the page. The romance is perfectly mixed with the action scenes, and the plot makes sense. Hey, I read a bunch of books where the plot is like an ornament, but in The Reluctant Amazon is great.